As part of the legacy from his teacher, Baba Ramdas, Pankaj Naram received 25,000 parchment pages of the original Siddha Veda text. These pages contain the lost healing secrets passed on from guru to student over 2,000 years of an unbroken lineage of Siddha Veda masters to the present day. The Siddha Veda, is a vast herbal pharmacopoeia and treasure trove of medical knowledge and wisdom, handwritten in five ancient languages, including Sanskrit. Until now, the Siddha Veda has never been translated! THE SIDDHA VEDA STORY AS TOLD BY PANKAJ NARAM

Dr. Naram's master was the great Baba Ramdas (Babaji), who lived to the age of 124. Prior to dying, he instructed Dr. Naram to keep in touch with his sons and great grandchildren.

In 1994, Dr. Naram he went to Nepal to meet his sons and they handed him a letter from Babaji. This letter said, "Now you have completed your 12 years of service to humanity. You have passed through all the four stages of your practice, and you are ready to create a vision that will serve humanity and all the living beings on this planet."

They then gave him 25,000 parchment pages of the original Ancient Scripture text. These pages contain the lost healing secrets passed on from guru to student over 2,000 years of an unbroken lineage of Healing masters to the present day.

The first manuscript was written by the head of our lineage "Vaidya Jivak." (Vaidya Jivak was the personal physician of Gautama Buddha.)

As hundreds of years passed by, every member of the lineage added their own experience to enrich the manuscripts. Hence, the manuscripts are written in five languages: Sanskrit, Nevari, Magadhi, Pali and Tibetan. Babaji's son said, "We have more than 20,000 pages that we need to hand over to you. Now, you are soldiers for protecting this knowledge and spreading it in the world. At the end, you will need to find a successor to whom you will hand over all the pages." Slowly and steadily, the family of Babaji has given all the pages to Dr. Pankaj Naram.

Until now this text called the "Siddha Veda" had never been translated, but is in essence a treasure trove of medical knowledge and wisdom. These pages are more than 2,000 years old.

After receiving the text Dr. Naram went into silence for one week in a cave, very deep inside the forest, through the process as directed by our Babaji. For the first two days, he spent time on forgiving and forgetting past grievances of all sorts. His guru always believed that you have to offload your outmoded baggage in order to create something new. He made lists of all the people and upsets that were bothering me, and he did a process of forgiving them and forgetting from his heart using special marma points.

Then he spent the next two days reflecting on what he had done until then - how many people he had helped all over the world - and he asked himself whether it was satisfying. He spent the next two days creating a vision for his work. The whole vision came like a blue print from a cosmic power - as if he was receiving instruction about his destination along with the map of how to get there. It was beyond imagination! The vision included a complete commitment to help humanity, animals, plants and the entire planet using all the instruments of Siddha Veda: education, herbs, pulse reading, marmapoints, kitchen remedies and panchakarma detoxification. The vision also clearly defined the worldwide work that was to be his destiny.
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